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Jim Parsons


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Oh ppl! I'm here at home helping my niece with her school homework, and the first thing I see when I come here is this loolapaloosa of orgasm that is Jim in this picture! (boy, that jacket sure is electric blue...) Details is a fashion magazine, am I right? so.... he's one little step closer to this fashion campaign, I'd love to see him do... a girl can dream  :icon_redface:  :icon_wink:  :icon_twisted:

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WOW I love coming on here and seeing pics of him! That is now my favorite part of the day. Thanks, work computer, which I only use for authorized purposes and never to ogle at pics of Jim.......


And since I am in a holiday spirit, I am willing to give Matthew Perry a pass. Even if his remark was rude. Friends was "the thing" for a very long time and it can not be easy to see TBBT replace them and break their records. Besides that, I see Jim having a very successful film/stage career after TBBT is over so I can believe there is some jealousy there.

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The thing with what Matthew Perry said is that, i don't know why he said it.. it wasn't an attack at Jim (and i believe Eric won an Emmy too), it was some sort of joke, but it was maybe a little inappropriate to say, well at least for me. It just came to my mind that particular moment. But Matthew wasn't mean, directly. Maybe he was a little bitter back then, because his show was low in ratings and in fact it ended up being canceled... but being successful has its price, fortunately, the Big Bang cast seems to be VERY down to earth, so that helps ^^





I was so busy looking at the photo of Jim that I only just now realized that the article on the right hand side of the picture with the printing, is about him.  So maybe not just one photo, but maybe a spread, like in GQ?


Ah!, so this picture was like a preview... i mean, is not out yet? 

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Ah!, so this picture was like a preview... i mean, is not out yet? 


No not yet, this is from Star's blog:


Jim Parsons recently modeled for Michael Bastian holiday wear for an upcoming issue of Details Magazine.   Here is a sneak preview!  We will add any further information we get as soon as more becomes available.

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I love that he's got his hand in his pocket with the jacket caught behind his hand--for some reason that's a stance that I always love.

I just kind of wish he wasn't sort of hunched over.  I'm not sure why he's touching that table.  He's still absolutely gorgeous, but I'd like to see that body all nice and straight.  So to speak, LOL!


Anyway, can't wait to try to find the magazine when it hits the stands.  Does anyone know the magazine's publishing timeframe--is it a monthly magazine?  If so, it might hit the stands this week.  If they've already got a print out.

I looked at the Details website, but there's no mention of Jim and I forgot to look at dates or for anything about upcoming issues.


ETA: I just took another look and it's a monthly.  I am assuming that the information on the main pages and the picture of Johnny Depp must be from their November issue, so maybe Jim is in the December issue.  I wonder if he's going to be on the cover...

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