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:icon_biggrin: I like to imagine that somewhere in some alternate universe Sheldon is having a world-class meltdown because his alter ego got to share a screen with Mark Hamill. He would be begging for napkins so he and Amy can make their own little Luke Skywalkers!

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Jim, Todd, Rufus and Otis :)  (but i think dogs are not allowed, so that's symbolic LOL)


I'm looking for pics of the place, when it was on sale, but can't find anything... boo, I wanted to 'stalk' a little bit :p


The penthouse apartments were never listed, it was a private sale.  From Curbed NY: http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2014/12/16/big_bang_theorys_jim_parsons_now_has_4_gramercy_park_pads.php


The most recent buys are penthouse for $2.8 million, and another unit for $815,000. (On the deeds, the former unit is listed as PHD, and the latter as PHD*, and these seem to have never hit the open market; only penthouses A, B, and C show up in past sales on StreetEasy.) 


* The article is slightly wrong, the "penthouse" is PHD (penthouse D) and the "other unit" is actually PHE (penthouse E) according to the documents embedded in the Curbed NY article

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Sheldon is forever wearing that nanotubes shirt.  That's the first thing I thought of when seeing this earlier.  What's up with that?


I;m going to start tracking what happens to him in each episode he wears that shirt.............

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It was really good. I have never seen the movie. Dont like will farrel and had nop desire to watch the movie. After the initial shock of jim singing and gettin use to the character it was awesome. Jim has a great voice. From tbbt, never knew he had it in him. Yeah we heard sheldon sing but not like that.

I tricked my 13 yr old into watching it. The moment jim came out singing. My daughter said "hey thats jim. That's why you wanted to see it" lol. But she liked it too. Great job Jim!

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So, do they use the other units for friends and family or do they bounce around from apartment to apartment, depending on their mood? :p


Didn't someone say that they weren't allowed to turn the two previous apartments into one big unit?  I'm just curious how that works.  I think he said on some talk show recently that he was "upgrading" his NYC digs, which meant buying the new units.

He's just getting homes ready for us "sister-wives", me and Cassalia. :spiteful:      :sarcastic: 

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elf-buddys-musical-christmas.jpg?w=670&h DECEMBER 15, 2014 | 07:15AM PT

Using stop-motion animation to cleverly create the feel of a holiday-special throwback, “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” — derived from the Will Ferrell movie and subsequent musical — turns out to be a whole lot of fun, proving yet again it’s hard to go wrong casting Jim Parsons in pretty much anything. Retelling the movie’s story with an assortment of songs from the musical, the one-hour special straddles that line between holiday cheer and irreverence, buoyed in part by a giddy, goofy look that nicely dovetails with Parsons’ take on the title character.

Here here! Just stick a little picture of Jim on the corner of a screen of  a show and I will watch it

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