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So, the PCA is tonight--what time does it start?  I won't be home until around 8pm.


And I finally got around to watching that Paley special and I found that my VCR didn't record the whole thing.  I think I ran out of tape at about the 1 hour mark, so I didn't ANY of the TBBT segment.


It's been posted around here somewhere, hasn't it?



Phanta, here is the Paley Center special  full BBT segment

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I wish he would too

He will be as always to the SAG awards  ;)
Just tomorrow I probably will know who will have won and what show.. and I can see all the selfie and the pics that all the guys will do  :)  .. I hope that Jim and the show begin this year with a prize!!
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I guess a lot of the Glee fans grew up and moved on.  :laugh:   I think he stands greater chances for that at the Teen Choice or Kids Choice awards....since this one is for all adults (including mature ones), maybe that is why he may not win.   I think most mature viewers would probably select Jesse Tyler, Ty Burrell or Jim instead.  The younger aged viewers would likely pick Chris or Ashton.  They seem to like both.

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He was very cute, though I didn't see very much of him during the show. I think that since it's not a very serious award show, it's only 2 hours, rather than the usual 3, so they don't show all the categories, especially if someone is nominated and wins in multiple categories.

It was generally fairly lame in the shtick between the categories, but at least it went by fast. I was actually surprised TBBT won favorite show over things like GOT and TWD. I expected it to win favorite comedy, but favorite overall show was interesting since I imagine most of the voters are younger.

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