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Jim Parsons


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That was really nice of him. That´s a good side when you´re famous, you can make a big joy to somebody just with your appearance. Love it that he had taken time for this two.

On another note: The welcoming with Ellen doesn´t seem, that Jim is upset about her because of the annoying question the last time. Maybe we took that all a bit too serious.

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16 minutes ago

Thank you @theellenshow for introducing me and the rest of the BBT cast to @jesse_jk_ What an incredible person he is and it was an honor and a really fun day to have him and his family on the set. Come back to see us @jesse_jk_ !!!




So do you think the girl went also?  I wonder how she's holding up.  It looks like she can't turn her head to the right--I imagine that's possibly from the surgeries she's had.  I'm surprised he didn't mention her in the set photo.


Even so, still a fantastic story!

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Watching the GG Red carpet hoping Jim will show up for TNH. i doubt it but having my fingers crossed.


He was liking sports photos not that long ago and it appears he is probably home watching the playoffs.  Space was super limited so he probably opted to stay home.  Can't blame him.  These events are exhausting, especially if you are not one of the direct nominees.

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Jim and Jimmy (lol) make a very competitive pair... I want to see them playing pictionary  :icon_razz:



So I guess Jim wasn't there for the GG last night. It feels kinda odd not to have the cast going to a awards ceremony, even more considering they just won the PCA for the forth time :s

And some of the shows that were nominated seem like they're barely out of the gate and are already being called the "best", but I guess that's the nature of the GG--they always want the new stuff.

I must say I am pleased that grand Budapest Hotel won whatever category they were in. I don't think it was best picture, because they made an announcement that that category was still coming up, I think. I dunno. I'm just happy it won because it was a great movie. :)

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