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Jim Parsons


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Seems like he's in Miami. So no need for warm coat.


What would he have going on in Miami?  Of course, that's a good place to be this time of year. :)


I haven't been to Florida since 1993 (went on a Star Trek fan cruise back in my ST nerdfest days...)

My Florida girl Joyce found him ;)

He's at the telemundo network doing an interview for mujer.

These photos was just posted on insta:



It pays to have tendrils out in every state!  (I have a couple of friends in FL, but they're not in the Miami area.)


"Mujer"--is that a woman's magazine or network (since that's Spanish for woman or wife)?


Does Jim have any Spanish (from his schooldays)?  I'd love to hear him try to say something in Spanish. :p

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Now he's at the Elite music studios..jacket off.


doing a promo thing for Home.

Eta: he just left


I just remembered to make a note in my calendar of the opening date for Home--Looks like I'm free that weekend, so I might go see it opening night.  If not, then certainly that weekend.  Gotta boost that opening weekend box office!


I wish I could see the pics. :(

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Oh yeah Jim. :-* Jim hitting the latino audience.


He did some interview a few years ago about how they all went down to do a junket in Mexico and that they'd been told the show was number 1 in Latin America.


He also said something about experiencing "tummy troubles" as he put it.  I can't remember the specifics, but I think it had to do with being in the restroom in his hotel room--and something like, one or more of the others came in his room, or something.  I wish I could remember where I came across that.


Anyway, I think it was in the first few years of the show.


Nice to see him starting publicity for Home!  Just 8 weeks til it opens! :)

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Screens of the empire mag is up. Can't post them here, but its a fun interview. He talks of crushing on Olivia Newton John, his nicknames through the years, buying grosseries, the beatles and then its the last question, about how hairy his butt is. Dear lord.

I love him.  Hairy ass and all!  :girlinlove:

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There's also a 8 sec vid I can't post here but made two gifs 




He says " The thing I most liked about the movie home was the way it showed how two extremly different people who perhaps had prejudgement of eachother could really come to find commond ground and even love for each other, and a real friendship by the end" 

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