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Jim Parsons


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Too cute! I just checked the walk of fame's official website and no information on the date has been posted yet. I'm sure the entire cast (especially Mayim!) will be congratulating Jim and either they or Jim will announce the date on social media.


I thought there was some mention of it being in March, back when it was first mentioned that he was getting a star, but I don't know the source of that info.  But it's probably in this thread a million pages back.

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I may sound repetitive but I really miss Season 5/beginning of Season 6 Jim's hairstyle. I like him with longer hair. But not important, he looks charming to me anyway. Haha

Me too haha i love Jim with his long hair.. He looks so.charming and sexy... together with a "bare backed and bare chested) LOL

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Speaking of adorable season 5 Sheldon, I wonder if Jim's going to try to put a little weight on again like he did before Harvey.

As I mentioned in the S8 Discussion thread, I love Jim's look right now, even though we don't normally see his half-naked body...

I'm not saying anything bad about the other guys, but going by the last time we saw any of the other guys with their shirts off, Jim's got the most going on now.

What was the reason he put on weight for Harvey? Was it for stamina?

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Huh...it works fine for me. Are you out of the country? Maybe that is the issue since it was a local Texas station?

Im in Texas. (Near Dallas) Lol. It was weird. Maybe its my phone. I went.to the tv station website and saw it. I love his nephew's country accent.

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Huh...it works fine for me.   Are you out of the country?  Maybe that is the issue since it was a local Texas station?

It didn't show up for me. I thought maybe it was because I'm on my iPad, but Trina's direct link worked for me.

His nephew is adorable. I remember his earthworm video that was accidentally posted openly on YouTube. He really did sound like Jim/Sheldon in that clip. Just after I saw that video, I saw that episode where Sheldon tries to apologize to Howard and offers him his couch cushion. Same vocal inflections!

I wonder what Jim thinks when his mom and sister talk about him like that. It's cute! I remember him talking about his mother once and jokingly saying she was "ridiculous". ;)

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Also this new photo was released to the press for the movie "Home":




Can you picture Jim as "God'?    We have a sneak peek!


Thanks Star for the link - but my first thought when I looked at the sneak peek - was what was that woman (lucky lady) doing to Jim.   




His but seems to be leaning away from her, but I am sure that that is just my imagination  :icon_redface:

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