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Jim Parsons


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I have noticed that too and think his height plays a role. It does'nt help that he towers everyone else on the show so much. I wonder if he has always been tall. I hope he was'nt teased for it when he was younger!


He may or may not have been teased, but some kids are self-conscious anyway when they shoot up before others around them, especially if they're girls.  When all your friends are topping out at 5'4" and you're 6', it make you uncomfortable.


But in Jim's case, I wonder how much of that he can let go, being an actor.  I mean, you have to be unselfconscious, I think, to be a good actor--you have to be able to just let go and get into character and not be thinking too much about your real self.  You have to put on that persona and do whatever it takes--like running around in your underwear or doing some weird expression or whatever.


It must be harder in film when you're doing scenes out of order with cameras in your face and all that.  Stage work, and the play-like setting of TBBT, might be a little easier.


Anyway, I just spent a few minutes looking at that old video and while he's kind of thin in those days (2010), he still had that little poochy tummy and his shoulders were decidedly NOT as developed as they were in the bath scene.


Oh, Jimmy...!

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You all have probably discussed this by now, but I've just been able to get online here for the first time in a week; anyway, I just had to write that now I finally understand what everyone here has been talking about with Jim becoming more buff.  I finally saw the evidence of this fact in last night's episode with the bath tub scene. Everything was broader; his upper arms, his shoulders, his back, across his chest. Gone was the scrawny chested-showing ribs-guy of Season 1, and in his place was the broad shouldered/broad chested man!  Hooray!!!  It was fantastic and very gratifying to see!  :)

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I may sound repetitive but I really miss Season 5/beginning of Season 6 Jim's hairstyle. I like him with longer hair. But not important, he looks charming to me anyway. Haha

I loved his hair that season, too!  It's my favorite, especially in the second half of the season, and yes, into Season 6.


Am I the only one who thinks Jim is extra hot in this pic? (Besides being extremely lucky to have met Stephen Hawking!)

No, you're not the only one!  LOL!  I'm sure we all agree with you!  ;)

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I was enjoying the leg swing as well and for some reason I love seeing him race around like that. He actually does move like someone half his age!

Yeah, like he did in the first episode Bob Newhart appeared in when Jim raced up the stairs with the suitcase!  I couldn't believe how fast he flew up those stairs!  It cracks me up and amazes me every time I see that episode!   :icon_razz:

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Jim's muscles, front and back, and his trapezius muscles...wow.


I really do need to do some research with before/after pics of Jim in that Stand Up 2 Cancer video (which is probably the most bare flesh we see of him) and now this.


I was wondering if one of the reasons he was developing his upper body was to maybe get past that big slouchy hump he has had.  I have to rewatch the last few episodes, but he was been very stooped in the past (I wonder if it came from slouching as a kid because he was taller than his friends or something) and it's very noticable in Herb Garden when he's playing the archery game and actually stands up straight for a change.


Anyway, I was wondering if he's been standing up straighter these days with those more developed back muscles, or what.

Scientific research, of course... :p



I wondered if his new house boasted a swimming pool as the sudden width of his chest and shoulders looks like he has spent time in a pool to me :-)

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I know this has been posted before, but I can watch this all day.  Just the expressions alone make me smile.


Is it wrong that I love it when he gets all twitchy?  lol



Having watched this a few ( cough) times now it just seems to highlight to me how amazingly controlled his is playing Sheldon.

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