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Watch for other possible promo work.  His publicist is with him so I suspect he has more than the BBC1 gig going on.  It could be that he will be on local TV stations interviewing as well.  Also check to see if BAFTA or any other equivalent  is having any sort of screening this weekend.  Maybe he is there for that as well.  Whatever he is there for, has to be quick and he probably is flying out Monday afternoon in order to return in time for Table read on Wednesday.   

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He might do pre recorded interviews as well, that seems to be the done thing over here when we get USA celebs


True....he could pre-record some interviews and maybe even do a "spot" for commercials about the film or something.   I am sure he is doing more than the radio interview because not only could he have done that in LA at the BBC studios there, but he also has his publicist with him and she would not fly all the way to London just for him to appear on a radio segment only.   I am certain he is doing more promoting there, but just not sure what.   I suspect it will be televised whatever it is because anything in print could easily have been done from here in the US.   But when whatever he does airs is another story.  They could be having him do interviews that will come out about a week before the first screening and then the premiere.  


By his going there now though, it does make me wonder if he will attend the premiere or screening.  It could be that he won't be there because he has to be in NY getting ready for his play, so he went now instead.   I really don't know.


BTW, thanks for posting that article.  Nothing really new in it that we didn't already know, but still always good to see.


ETA:  Another possibility is that he could be doing a CBS Watch! magazine shoot while over there I suppose. His publicist would be there for that likely.   Not sure how you would figure that one out though.  LOL!

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I just realized he got new glasses! Those are not the same ones he has had.


If they're new, then they're very similar to ones he's worn in the past.  Someone on IG posted a pic of him from the GLSEN awards a couple of years ago and it looks like he's wearing those same blue frames.  He also wore them to the US Open some time ago.  I think they're the same.


But he does apparently have several different frames, so...

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He looks handsome. But I wanted to see him with beard... he is gonna do The Act Of God and Big Bang at the same time?

No. BBT only has 5 episodes left to shoot this season. I think they will wrap production of season 8 right before Easter. Jim will be in NYC all summer for The Act of G-d. BBT will likely start production on season 9 the first week of August.

I'll be dvring Dan Patrick all summer. I don't see how Jim can be in NYC and not make an appearance.

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I think that was intentional.  Give him that glowing, omniscient look.


I think those are the same frames, too, that's he has had for a while.  His other pair are just black, I think.


I think I've seen at least 3 different pairs on him--those round ones he wore at first, like when he was on Kelly and Michael, then some more squarish looking ones he wore in his WDYTYA episode, and then these blue ones.

Clothes horse! :p

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