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I'm here!

I didn't have time to do anything today because I got into town late. I'm going to head down to see Jim's Star in the morning, then the tour, then the taping!


I went to see the star yesterday, most definitely awe inspiring. Kaley's is only about a block up, if you're planning to see hers as well, on the 6600 block. Walked the entire walk yesterday and my legs are killing me, good luck!!

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You are almost living the Jim lifestyle now!

I was thinking about him yesterday while I was on the plane. It was just under an hour from LR to Dallas, then 3 hours to LAX, and I was dying to get off that plane.

Now, I'm sure his experience is different since he doesn't ride crammed into a narrow, uncomfortable seat on Southwest, but still, he spent HOURS on planes between the 11th and the 17th. Dang.

I'm just hoping my credit card holds up...

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They should have had Mayim on the show. She's fluent in Spanish. Which once again begs the question, is there ANYTHING this woman can't do? Anyway back to Jim. Happy birthday Jim!!! and very sweet of Kaley to post this.

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