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Jim Parsons


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They did keep the death song... That is just that funny little grunting whiny thing he does after they crash.

Sorry--I meant on the soundtrack. I wish it had been included on the soundtrack.

With all this divvying up of Jim's body, I might have to write another poem... :p

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So a one week hiatus starts Wednesday..what do you think...


A vacation before TBBT wraps up and the play begins?




Off to NYC to rehearse now that Cabaret is done and the theater is available?


The play now has an amazing creative team in place for the production side of things...


Producer Jeffrey Finn announced today the complete creative team for the new Broadway comedy An Act of God starring Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Jim Parsons. Written by God, transcribed by 13-time Emmy Award winner David Javerbaum and directed by Tony Award winner Joe MantelloAn Act of God will have scenic design by Tony Award winner Scott Pask (The Book of Mormon), costume design by Tony Award nominee David Zinn (Fun Home), sound design by Drama Desk Award winner Fitz Patton (It's Only A Play) and projection design by Drama Desk Award winner Peter Nigrini (Here Lies Love).


From BroadwayWorld.com:  http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Broadways-AN-ACT-OF-GOD-Starring-Jim-Parsons-Announces-Complete-Creative-Team-20150330

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It shows David Duchovny as co-host for Friday.

Oh! I know I read about someone I like hosting on Friday. I'm getting my fandoms mixed up! LOL! :p

In that case, I do hope he takes the hiatus week to decompress a little, though I'm sure he'll spend the time working on his lines for the play.

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Does the preview mean that Jim will be there?

Stupid question I know

Yes. Previews are like test performances, not officially "opened", but performances, nonetheless. They use the previews to see if they might need to make changes to dialog or blocking, etc., before they officially open and get reviewed.

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I'm going twice, May 9th with hubby and then on the 30th with Kerryce and SuchaHag, to see "An Act of God." Very interested to see what tweaks they make between the two performances.

He will get a few days to breathe, I hope, after the last taping on the 21st. He's receiving an award from USD on the 25th. So probably those in between days will be spent packing up and getting the dogs ready for 3 mos in NY.

He's been going non-stop for so long, but in that business you need to strike while the iron is hot. He's in demand, there are projects out there and he still has the energy to do it all. I'm just thrilled there's so much out there for him to do and us to see. God bless him.

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