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Jim Parsons


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Nothing will change how handsome he is, but he looks so tired. 

I noticed the gate looked longer, too. 

I wonder if the gates have anything to do with the construction/scaffolding that you can see behind them now? There also seems to be more people.  Glad when I was there I manged to get to the front with no problem.

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Variety mentioned how close they were: http://variety.com/2015/legit/news/broadway-box-office-strong-previews-for-hamilton-during-big-week-overall-1201544071/

Broadway Box Office: Strong Previews for ‘Hamilton’ During Big Week Overall

“An Act of God,” the solo show starring Jim Parsons from TV’s “The Big Bang Theory,” was up $70,000 and just missed becoming a member of the $1 million club ($990,023). It was the week’s No. 1 play, holding off “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” which rose about $30,000 to $920,865 and played to 97.3% capacity at the Ethel Barrymore.

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I think he's probably just taking an IG "diet" and saving his mental and physical energy for the play.  I imagine it's much more tasking than doing a regular play where you're part of a larger ensemble, even if you're the lead, like in Harvey.

I just rewatched his ITAS appearance (there was literally NOTHING watchable on TV!) and he was talking about how it was one of most terrifying things he had done and how he doesn't "shut up for 90 minutes". :)

I had kind of hoped he's post a bit of NYC while he was out there--restaurants or whatever--but at the same time, I can understand him taking some time away and only posting really noteworthy moments.

I've noticed this mentality among some IG folks that I follow that there's some need to post every day, and they apologize for not posting or whatever.  But I go days without posting and only post something either fun or signficant--cat nonsense, or whatever--but certainly not every day.

And I do think that Jim was a little burned by some of the internet nonsense because there was a while there where he was saying that he'd like to take away the Internet for a day or two or mentioning about ugly stuff online.

And as a celebrity, he's always in a position to be pounced on for one thing or another and that must be exhausting when all he's doing is trying to have a little fun.

I hope his last two weeks with the play are rewarding and go well and that he's pleased with what he's accomplished.  He seems to be happy these days with what he's doing and that's what I want for him--to love what he's doing and to enjoy it.

And then to get his little butt back to LA to start up on TBBT! :p


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