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Jim Parsons


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A rerun of Jim's most recent appearance on Ellen is airing this afternoon....people are sorta losing their minds over him on Twitter...:icon_cheesygrin:

A few of my favorites so far...

Jim Parsons is the absolute cutest and he's hysterical, I wish I was his friend

Jim parsons is adorable omg

I need my own personal jim parsons

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So good to see a new JP post on IG!  Even if his hair is kind of comically poofy... :)

I hope we get something fun when the show closes--I can imagine it will be both a relief of sorts (exhausting!) and a bit heartbreaking to finish such a great show.

He has so much to be proud of in pulling it off, getting good reviews, making lots of money in ticket sales, carrying the show essentially by himself.  But still, it has to be a physical relief to finally be able to relax and rest his voice and his body.  For a couple of days, at least, LOL!

And as he always says, doing a play over the summer, or a different role, always makes coming back to TBBT that much more fresh.

It's all good, Jimmy, it's all good! :)


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Judging Amy has just been repeated on TV here and after recording and deleting lots of episodes finally saw Jims appearance as Rob Holbrook.  He looks so young and I enjoyed the subtle lip bite in the final scene and the skip out the door.  Season 1 is also repeating so I watched the pilot and  how they have all developed over 8 years and then the finale. Amazing to see the development of Jims talent,  I thought his final scene was amazing.  Now only 10 days until we know what happens but I am going to miss the reports and photos from AAoG.

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I loved Jim in Judging Amy...somewhere on You Tube there is a video of just his scenes from that show.

Watched a couple of IG videos of Jim signing this afternoon, his voice seems fine....

From producer, Jeffery Finn

  • jeffreyfinnGetting ready for a final performance party..!




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