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3 hours ago, ddsunny473 said:

Is this show also available on youtube or elsewhere?

Denis Leary was the main actor in a fire department serie that got cancelled on the tv channel I watched, so sad. Can´t remember the name of this serie but I really loved it!

Usually not the whole show, but "Live with Kelly" posts clips to their official web site.  Also clips usually appear on You Tube later the same day.


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On 6/22/2016 at 8:18 AM, mirs1 said:

From Jim's Weibo account...


Tomorrow he'll be doing (I guess, I can't speak Chinese, I inferred that from the context, LOL!) some kind of live Q&A with his Weibo followers...

From Jim's Weibo account....the Q & A was cute/odd...lol

Thank you all so much for participating in the Wei Fang Tan/微访谈 ... That was so much fun. Also, good luck to all the students awaiting the University Entrance Exam results! May you all he accepted to your dream school!

JP 623.jpg

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20 minutes ago, notchinc said:

Okay. Did the questions all come from one account??  I'm confused.

No, the questions all came from different accounts.  It didn't take place on his Weibo account.  The best I can gather is that Jim logged into a specific area on Weibo that is designed for this sort of thing and then his fans in China could as him questions there.

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6 hours ago, Carlilla said:

I saw some Q&A on IG but I dont find the ones about Todd. The link doesn't works for me :(

I read it last night, but I can't log in at the moment.  I recall that there was one question asking where is Todd, and the answer was he's sitting next to me. 

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6 hours ago, Carlilla said:

I saw some Q&A on IG but I dont find the ones about Todd. The link doesn't works for me :(

There were 3 Todd questions..

Someone asked Jim to say Hi to Todd and Jim said "I will say hello to him for you"

Someone asked how they met and Jim said "we were set up on a blind date...and it worked, 14 years ago"

Someone asked where is Todd and Jim said "Todd is sitting right next to me"

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On 17/06/2016 at 0:25 AM, vonmar said:

Jim and Todd went to see Jessie Tyler Ferguson's "Fully Committed" on Broadway last night.  Ed O'Neill (Jessie's co-star on Modern Family) was also there.

From Playbill: http://www.playbill.com/article/jim-parsons-elaine-paige-nathan-lane-and-more-visit-broadway

See Jim Parsons, Elaine Paige, Nathan Lane and More Visit Broadway

Celebrities Backstage 09 HR.jpg

Jim Parsons, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ed O'Neill at Fully Committed 

So it seems Jim was in New York when I was there but because I have not been checking this site I didn't know, boo!

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6 minutes ago, serena_nyc1995 said:

Are those Jim's Emmys ?

No, Billy was on CBS This Morning today and posed with their Emmy's.  He's got some sort of weird thing for digging at Jim, in a joking sort of way..he's done it before...but never with malice.

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