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yay for jim landing into the "movie awards scene" with a big bang (i know, that was an easy pun, lol)

i find it funny that ppl that is working with jim now are like watch out for this guy because he is really talented, and they know him mostly for TBBT, but to me, is a funny thing when i think the tons and tons of theater he's done and of course he does a great job! if there is something jim is not, is being inexperienced. Anyway, i'm happy all seems to be going smoothly for him. i heard even big bang is doing great in terms of ratings, and that is always good to hear... he shows the wide range of characters he can do, which is something, personally i always wished he was able to do, and he seems to be more than perfect in his private life... and all that in his forties... eeeh, i feel- at 26 (27 this July) that there is hope for me to have things looking up for me in the future lol i'm like hey i still have time! LOL haha



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4 minutes ago, Andy_90's_generation said:

He explained on DP show how it happened but i couldn't hear it complete very well. anyone here could tell how it happened? i think it was with the dog's kennel or something like that.

They have the kitchen gated off to contain Otis & Rufus in that area (think in terms of low baby gates).  He slammed his toe into one on the gates last evening and broke his toe.

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During the interview, Dan Patrick asked Jim if he thought his (possibly, at that point) broken toe could have had consequences in the filming of TBBT and Jim minimized the situation, saying something like "Sheldon doesn't dance" (which is also partially true, since just few episodes ago Sheldon did dance, LOL!) so I guess they will work around it or incorporate the broken toe in the story somehow...

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Incorporating the broken toe in the story as Sheldon injured his foot would be possible but as he had injured his feet this season this time could be about he needed to work at home and we see him on couch or in 4A desk working with guys. Other option could be he being on a work trip and we see his Skype calls with Amy as he told how was it going. The show scenes are short, it surely can be managed well :)

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