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On 29/3/2018 at 11:11 AM, mirs1 said:

This is in two weeks, right? the fisrt weeks of April are going to be pretty hectic, but full of work for him, fortunately. 

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OMFG guys!   He commented on my IG pic.  I am in hysterics.  

Ok, so the premise of the play, as we know, is God wants to set the record straight on certain things and because He is so omnipotent, mere humans couldn't understand or see Him, so He's coming to us

So it was a great experience. I got Jim's autograph and a selfie! Great times. Here's the Majim hug from my vantage point. And when the cast left he kissed and hugged Mayim. Super cute, so glad I

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A Kid Like Jake was truely wonderful. Everybody in our party loved it. It provided great discussion over our pastry and coffee. Jim and Claire were perfect. Such a cute couple. No trace of Sheldon...one of my friends was sure she would only see Sheldon and not another character. She was very surprised in a good way. Octavia was brilliant as well. It was a very interesting issue they had to figure out as parents. The movie was amazing and I highly recommend it if you have the chance. I wish I could have watched it a second time...

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49 minutes ago, vonmar said:

Thanks @Sah I was waiting for your review.

Probably not much of a review. It was written in the car on the way back home...it really was a wonderful movie and is worth your time and money. It was completely sold out by the way.


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From The Hollywood Reporter

'Boys in the Band' Star Jim Parsons Accepts GLAAD Media Awards Prize From Ryan Murphy

Jim Parsons is many things.

On television, he's one of the bankable stars of The Big Bang Theory. On Broadway, he'll soon be known as one of The Boys in the Band. To Ryan Murphy, he's "our Mary Tyler Moore," and on Thursday night at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, he became the winner of the Stephen F. Kolzak Award.

At the Beverly Hilton hotel-set awards gala, Parsons, who was presented his prize by Murphy — who also quipped, "Jim is America’s fucking sweetheart" — and joined on stage by his Boys in the Band boys Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells, delivered a well-received speech that honored honesty, his mother and fellow honoree Britney Spears. 

Of the latter, Parsons said, “I’m currently working on putting together a movie that I desperately want her to be in and I consider this as my first step in my charm offensive to get her in it. I won’t bother her tonight, but Britney — my people will be calling.”

From GLAAD's You Tube Channel...


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