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From The Hollywood Reporter  

Ryan O'Connell on Why Jim Parsons is "Revolutionary" in Hollywood: "He's America's Sweetheart and Gay"

The 'Big Bang Theory' star and the creator-star of Netflix’s 'Special' open up about finding a home for the show (“Jim never wanted it watered down,”) and what they admire about each other

<full article and video in the link>

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On 5/7/2019 at 6:33 PM, vonmar said:

Jim has been nominated for an Audience Choice Award as Favorite Leading Actor in a Play for his performance in The Boys In The Band.

TBITB received 6 nominations total, including Favorite Revival of a Play

Audience Choice Awards

great! i don't know the level of importance of this award but is nice his job is recognized as is the play and the cast. cool!

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54 minutes ago, Andy_90's_generation said:

great! i don't know the level of importance of this award but is nice his job is recognized as is the play and the cast. cool!

Kind of the Broadway version of the Peoples Choice Awards.

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8:00pm - "The Luminous Fish Effect": Sheldon's getting fired forces him to explore what life has to offer outside physics, leaving Leonard to take drastic action to snap his friend out of his funk.
"There are many things about this episode that I like, but I picked it for one reason and one reason only: it is the first time I had the chance to meet and work with Laurie Metcalf, which was a dream come true."

8:30pm - "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency": With the rest of the gang off on a desert camping trip to view the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon must play hero after Penny slips in the tub and dislocates her shoulder.
"Kaley and I had some of our very best times on this show doing Sheldon and Penny scenes and this episode was full of them. From the awkwardness of Sheldon helping Penny get dressed, to the inappropriate way Sheldon helps Penny fill out her hospital forms, I can still vividly remember working on these scenes, even nine years later."

9:00pm - "The Pants Alternative": Sheldon's fear of speaking in front of large groups threatens his ability to accept an award, so the gang tries to help him get ready for the big night.
"I loved how I got to work in one-on-one scenes with each of the other characters, that was a lot of fun. The big scene at the end, which may LOOK like a lot of fun, was actually very stressful: learning that Element Song nearly put me over the edge, mentally!"

9:30pm - "The Agreement Dissection": Priya uses her legal expertise to rip apart Sheldon's roommate agreement, and the women take the flustered Sheldon out dancing.
"I loved the structure of this episode, the way I got to sort of take part in two different story lines: girls night and the fight over the roommate agreement at home. It was also a really fun episode with Mayim."

10:00pm - "The Ornithophobia Diffusion": Sheldon must overcome his fear of birds.
"This was an absolutely absurd idea that our writers handled beautifully. Sheldon¹s heartbroken desperation when the bird flies away was a genius idea that still makes me giggle when I think of it."

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From Gold Derby

Jim Parsons deserves to make a big Emmy return with that emotional ‘Big Bang Theory’ series finale speech

After 12 seasons and 279 episodes, “The Big Bang Theory” went out Thursday — no, we’re not gonna say it — on a high note, with an immensely satisfying series finale. And it was one that could definitely help four-time champ Jim Parsons do the same at the Emmys.

<full article in the link>

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From TV Line

Performer of the Week: Jim Parsons


THE SHOW | The Big Bang Theory

THE EPISODE | “The Stockholm Syndrome” (May 16, 2019)

THE PERFORMANCE | “This honor doesn’t just belong to me,” said Sheldon as he began his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. And neither does this Performer of the Week distinction just belong to his portrayer; Parsons wouldn’t have been as brilliant as he was in the finale had he not been buoyed by an ensemble for the ages.

That said, Parsons was spectacular, imbuing Sheldon with the childlike wonder that for 12 seasons has made him so lovable, the incomprehension of social mores that has made him so challenging, and the self-absorption that has made him so intolerable. But what really cinched his win were his final two scenes.

In the first, Parsons made it clear just how oblivious Sheldon was to the fact that his friends had turned away from him on his big night because he’d hurt them. “Does not compute,” said the stricken expression he wore as wife Amy spelled it out for him. (Then, “I don’t want that to compute” when the painful message got through.)

In the second scene, Sheldon was moved so deeply to see his family of choice in the audience at the award ceremony that he chucked his speech to instead apologize to and thank his pals. The monologue, as Parsons delivered it, was a work of art, simple, sincere — and funny. (“Is that Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!?”) By the time Sheldon concluded by telling the gang, “In my way, I love you all,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house — at least not in ours.



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From an interview with Robin de Jesus (Emory in TBITB)  about the movie version of the play...

So you’ll be in the Netflix movie version, produced by Ryan Murphy?

We all are. It’s a full feature. We’ll shoot interiors in L.A. and exteriors in New York, starting July. We will rehearse a little beforehand, as well. We’ll discover that language as a group. There’s a fluidity and passing of the baton and an ebbing and flowing, and it will be interesting to discover that as a group again. It’s also to be comfortable when we get to set, so we can just focus. For someone as neurotic as me, that is so comforting. I’m looking forward to the intellectual stimulation of figuring out Emory for the camera.


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