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Johnny Galecki


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@ludwig1965 is Johnny's brother-in-law , married to his sister Ali. Ariellanicole is the girl Johnny was with at the Dodgers game a few weeks ago with the Roths. 

My guess is that the bro is in La and maybe in Johnny's new house (based on a few pics on ludwig1965 Insta.)

This is conjecture based on Insta pics. Ariellanicole posted photos from Johnny's "ranch" and also a few pics of him recently.

She's a beauty! 




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Well Johnny definitely likes the blondes doesn't he haha. He dated Kelli Garner recently. Johnny and Kaley have been friends for years, so no surprises here. I kinda think posting a pic of biting Kaley, well do the complete opposite. It is adding fume to the flames. People well talk more now. Now who knows if this blonde is a new love interest, that is just speculation. Until we see kissing, or he is like I am dating again haha.

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"Watch us tell each other lies this evening" 

OK, he definitely going to talk about his relationship with Kaley. LOL



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