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From Variety

An interview with Sara Gilbert with a bit about Johnny and his new show....

Sara Gilbert on Life After ‘Roseanne,’ Guiding the Reboot and the Upcoming ‘Living Biblically’

“A lot of times as a producer, you’re relying on other people’s talent, so I think my talent might be surrounding myself with talented people [and saying], ‘Now you do the work!’”

Among the talented people she’s surrounded herself with is Galecki, who’s trying his hand as a producer with “Living Biblically.” “We probably would have been the two least expected to be producing shows 20 years later,” Galecki says with a laugh.

Her bond with Galecki — the two dated early in the show’s run — has endured in the years since. So when he was launching his own show, it was natural that he cast his friend. “She was always on the list before there was a character list,” he says. “And then I made her audition,” joking again.

“I knew how much she wanted to inhabit a character again,” he continues. “So I knew that she would come at it, despite all of her years of experience, with a whole lot of commitment and a whole lot of excitement. And she did tenfold.”

Gilbert stars as Cheryl, an officious co-worker of film critic Chip Curry (Jay Ferguson), who has decided to live his life according to the Bible. It’s a departure from the famously sarcastic Darlene on “Roseanne.”

<full article in the link>

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From Parade Magazine

Mad Men's Jay R. Ferguson on Finding the Funny in Living Biblically 

<from the interview>

Johnny Galecki is one of the executive producers on this. He’s also on the No. 1 comedy on television right now, The Big Bang Theory. What does he bring to this?

I’ve known Johnny since we were young guys, probably about 15, 16 years old, and it’s very surreal to now be working with him, having known him as long as I have. I am eternally grateful to him for bringing me on board and thinking about me. That said, I think he brings a certain guidance. They’ve reinvented the wheel over at TBBT and perfected it.

He’s always there during our rehearsals, our run-throughs and our tape nights and rarely will step in to make a suggestion, but when he feels like he’s got a suggestion, he doesn’t hesitate. I welcome that because I trust him wholeheartedly.

We’ve just got this all-star group and, certainly, Johnny is right at the top of that list. It’s a nice feeling of safety. You know you’re safe and you’re going to be taken care of.  We’ve got guys — and Johnny as well — that their main objective is to put out good material and they don’t want to compromise that for anything. So, in my position, it makes my job a whole lot easier to just be able to focus on what I’m trying to do and not worry if the people at the top are handling it correctly.


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