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Looks like Simon is going to be in NYC promoting his movie tomorrow evening:


Hey NYC, I’ll be at the Apple Store, SoHo tomorrow at 6PM to talk about @neverparismovie. Reserve a spot at http://www.apple.com/soho 


Apple Store
103 Prince Street

New YorkNY 10012


Meet The Filmmaker: Simon Helberg, “We’ll Never Have Paris”

January 22, 6:00 p.m.Writer, director, and actor Simon Helberg talks about his new romantic comedy, “We’ll Never Have Paris.”

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I just finished watching the movie (downloaded from Google play)

There was some funny scenes which i did literally laughed out loud. I was not crazy with the story which i know it is based.on their real life. I kinda wished their characters broke up in the end. Also i was not keen on joslyns character. Made her uptight, not caring, and leading simons character on...idk. The timeline was kinda weird to me.

Simon was great. Reminded me of howard when he tried to get back with bernadette. Whiny, self depreciating...and playing the piano. Lol.

The sex and masturbating scenes cracked me up. I like dirty romantic comedies so that didnt bother me.

It worth renting to see a slightly different side of simon.

I give it a 2 1/2 out of 5.

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I think it's fake. Every picture posted so far can be easily found on Google. It's weird that Kaley is following it though.

Eta: the comment I made (under the username GoHawks1285) about the "selfie" being a picture Mayim posted 5 months ago was almost immediately deleted. I'm calling it as a fake account until I see proof otherwise.

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I'm unsure what to think after seeing the script cover. It's not possible for the general public to purchase an old script (like a charity auction), right? I'm still skeptical, but I'd feel bad for Simon if it's really him and he's getting all kinds of nasty comments about a fake account. On the other hand,I can easily see those punk tweens that spam Jim's account doing something like this.

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Zachary Quinto interviews Simon for Interview magazine. Really interesting stuff from both of them about getting pigeonholed and stereotyped for roles. 




Okay that was a good interview. The part that caught my eye the most....



QUINTO: It's such an interesting path. Spock the character—literally, they've done studies—and it's one of the three most recognizable characters in our modern world, it's like Mickey Mouse.

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