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The SXSW schedule for Simon's movie.

We'll Never Have Paris - Topfer Theatre at ZACH - Monday, March 10 4:30PM - 5:59PM

We'll Never Have Paris - SXSatellite: Marchesa - Wednesday, March 12 11:00AM - 12:29PM

We'll Never Have Paris - Rollins Theatre at The Long Center - Thursday, March 13 11:00AM - 12:29PM

From Twitter, it looks like Simon & Jocelyn headed there today.  If the movie premieres on Monday and plays again on Wednesday and Thursday, is it Simon's turn to be the TTBT MIA cast member?

Simon Helberg ‏@simonhelberg · 21h

So excited to head to SXSW with @jocelyntowne tomorrow for our movie, "We'll Never Have Paris." Here's a little peek: http://blogs.indiewire.com/thompsononhollywood/well-never-have-paris-sxsw

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Simon, Joceylyn and others at the premiere of “We’ll Never Have Paris” at SXSW Festival

TV/FILM EDITOR ‏@BryndonSmith  19h

Premiere of We’ll Never Have Paris at #SXSW in Austin. Packed house tons of laughs and my name on the… http://instagram.com/p/lYV9GEoqYg/


herb stratford ‏@herbstratford  19h

Congrats @simonhelberg on a great film - “We’ll never Have Paris”! Bring it to Napa this fall! @melanielynskey you were great! #SXSW

Alexander Hughes ‏@RobotCowboyATX  19h

Cast & crew of We’ll Never Have Paris. Hilarious movie. #sxsw http://instagram.com/p/lYVQZSiSXI/

Martin Oetting ‏@oetting  19h

"We’ll Never Have Paris" by and with @simonhelberg is really funny, moving, and very very true … Absolutely enjoyed the premiere. #SXSW14

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I went to the taping today!!  I love Conan, but I really went to see Simon.   He is tiny!!  I know he is small on the show, but I couldn't get over how petite he is in real life.   When the interview was over and we went to commercial break, he stood up and talked to Conan, who is very tall, and at one point, Simon had his back to the audience while talking to Conan, and all of the stage people were moving things around, and Simon looked like a kid next to everyone.   I kept thinking, Melissa must be the size of a 9 yr old because she is even smaller than him.    Anyways, he was clever and witty as usual, and did his Al Pacino impression.   AND, his hair wasn't brushed back like usual, it was very Wolowitz.  HOT!!  I think he literally flew to Dallas for the show and went back, as his wife is due any day now, and he wasn't promoting anything, just came to chat.   So happy I got to see him!  :tender:  

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