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Kunal Nayyar


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He did a great job on the opening monologue.   He looks so natural talking with Billy Bob.  


I missed the opening monologue--I fell asleep!


He was cute and giggly!  I came in when he was doing that multiple choice question about, I guess, one of his first roles, as a terrorist on NCIS, wearing a fake mustache (MOOstache!) and getting punched by Mark Harmon.  He also laughed about the birth year they put on his ID in that episode. :p


It was fun, though, and he seemed to be really enjoying himself. :)

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Kunal's Off-Broadway play "The Spoils" begins previews tonight at The Pershing Signature Square Center...




Tonight’s the night! See #JesseEisenberg & @kunalnayyar in the world premiere of #TheSpoils. Photo by @MoniqueCarboni



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