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Kunal Nayyar


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Looks like Kunal got himself a Dreamworks animated movie role!

Hair we go! Meet Guy Diamond! #DreamWorksTrolls #ShineBrightLikeGuyDiamond

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Confirmed by "The Wrap"

COOL NEWS: @JKCorden, @RustyRockets, @KunalNayyar & @RonFunches join voice cast of TROLLS.



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An interview with Kunal that was posted on The Times of India website:

You are fairly active on social media. What do you think of it? 

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. When am feeling lonely at a coffee-shop, I post a picture on Instagram. And when I get all this instant love, then I am overwhelmed. But then once in a while, when someone says "Oh you're a shi**actor or the TBBT is a bad show, then I feel horrible. I may get 99 good comments about my book and one bad comment like, "Oh, you'r e a terrible writer" and that one comment is all we care about. Human beings are so self-destructive. At the same time, social media it has brought the world closer and connected. But my wife and I make a conscious effort to put our phones down to guard our privacy. I am at odds with it - and I guess a lot of others too are.

Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/english/Playing-Raj-Koothrappali-has-kept-me-fresh-alive-happy-says-Kunal-Nayyar-of-The-Big-Bang-Theory/articleshow/50650137.cms?from=mdr


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1 hour ago, pegcarr said:

Do you think he will make it back in time for the table read? When do the airports reopen?

Yes..no problem.  The airports are open again, although many delayed flights and some canceled flights, but Monday they should be more back to normal.  He can always book a private jet as well. :girlwink:

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