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Are my eyes deceiving me? Kunal posted a pic of the cast (promo by the looks of it) in front of the bar on his IG with #family. Now it is gone....I wonder if he was not supposed to post it?

Or did I dream the whole thing?

The first on his Account posted a whole ago is this one:


I don not see one of the Cast in front of the bar and do not remember seeing one

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Jim challenged him when he challenged Mayim.

Yea, Jim nominated him, but he said he may do it in reply to Mayim's tweet on his taping day tweet

Either way how fun!!

Kaley nominated Amy Davis, Lacey Chambord (spelling might be wrong) and some other girl

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Lacey Chabert (she used to be on Party of 5 years ago and does a bunch of Hallmark and Lifetime movies...she is adorable).   Yeah Kaley did her gal pals.  She hangs out with those three gals all the time.

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