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From The Hollywood Reporter:  http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/critics-notebook-at-sundance-2015-766652


"Critic's Notebook: At Sundance 2015, Ladies First"


The Bronze doesn’t always try hard enough; there are only so many laughs to be wrung from dirty words pronounced in a prim Midwestern accent. But the film and its talented star (best known for her work on TV series The Big Bang Theory) commit fully to the rude, crude creature at the center of it all: with her high pony tail and harsh bangs, unflattering track suit and dyspeptic demeanor, Hope is a bracing comic creation, and the movie allows her to behave badly — punching her father, poisoning her protégé, hurling insults at anyone who nears her toxic orbit — without humiliating her. To the filmmakers’ credit, and Rauch’s, Hope doesn’t start out monstrous and end up endearing; she’s both at once, all along — a ferocious caricature of a woman with shades of realness.

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Agreed! And that video of her singing "Tits and Ass" at age 8 was hilarious... kids certainly latch onto the most inappropriate things!


Boy do they.  I remember when my son was a toddler, we used to listen to The Doors a fair amount even though it was the 1990's...but my son was a toddler singing "show me the way to the next whisky bar"  all the time.  Cracked us up. :rofl:  They really have no clue what they are singing half the time, but it was embarrassing as all get out at the time, but funny when I think back to it now.  :laugh:

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hello. :) does anyone of you here know the meaning behind Melissa's previous bio "Manny Pacquiao's worst nightmare' ?   :laugh: i just remembered what with the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and all. Does she hate him or something? lol i'm just curious.

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Looks like Melissa is in NYC, she caught Kunal's and Jim's plays over the weekend.


#TheSpoils is phenomenal! @kunalnayyar is an off the charts gifted actor & bursted my heart w/this genius performance




NEVER laughed harder than I did at the magnificent #AnActofGod by @TheTweetOfGod #JimParsons is absolutely BRILLIANT!



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Melissa is doing a SAG Conversations event in LA on Friday June 5th (for SAG-AFTRA members and their guests only)

LA @sagaftra members! Join us for our Conversations with @BigBang_CBS star @MelissaRauch on 6/5 at 4PM https://members.sagfoundation.org/events/5280 


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