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You won't see anything on the Gold Derby page until the time of the chat.  It is done live.   Same with the other link.  Right now the YT will only show you a countdown to the chat.   But during the chat is when you post questions (usually there is a way to do the live chat on the Gold Derby site and in Google+ Hangout) to post your questions.

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someone updated this on a fb closed tbbt group

mayim in a swim suit




Those are very old photos, long before she was ever on TBBT and before she started exploring her faith.   We chose to not post them because she doesn't believe in wearing that kind of clothing any longer and to respect her and her faith, as well as her privacy.

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Aha! So you have just two options to watch the live chat - via Youtube or via the Goldderby site!?


I thought you could also see the video/live chat via Google+ itself.. (I don't know very much about Google, I thought there would be also a link to the site)


Something like that for example: https://plus.google.com/u/0/hangouts/onair/watch?hid=hoaevent%2Fcb7k2t7obrcaccpan10ck34c95s&wpsrc=yta&ytl=w7113Dgk8u8


Ah, I found out that you can also see the chat and post questions via Google+ Hangouts on Air..

Do you think they take also questions from this chat or mainly out of their on site/chat?

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Honestly they probably will take most if any from their main site.  They don't take that many fan questions and are watching and typically only ask one or two from fans.  But they will be more likely to watch their main site as that is where they usually are focused.

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Ok, thanks again for that!

I also doubt that they take many fan questions and especially one of my comments/questions.. Because Mayim is a really intersting person and you can ask her so much...

But I can try it - I have nothing to lose :p



Indeed!   That's the spirit!   Go for it! :curtsey:

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