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Yes, she gets it straightened to play Amy, this is from an April 23 Kveller blog post: http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/mayim-bialik-how-i-spent-the-last-days-of-passover/


4. Season Finale.

We filmed the season finale of the 7th season of “The Big Bang Theory” last night. It was a great episode. Really nice. You’ll love it. A lot is up in the air, and it’s really funny. Here’s a selfie I took last night before my hair was straightened before the show. See how happy I look? It’s kind of like the last day of school before summer vacation!



My love for this picture is never ending :p

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3 minutes ago

My 8 yr old son made this sand castle at the beach yesterday.




2 minutes ago

Yes I have 2 sons, ages almost 6 and 8. I protect their faces from the public but here are their sweet hands.





See more details here:  http://thebazingacast.co/2014/06/26/id-magazine-big-bang-theory-star-mayim-bialik-encourages-kids-to-take-interest-in-science-and-math/

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The nominees for the 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards were announced Thursday, with



The 2014 ceremony will air for the second consecutive year on the CW network on at 8 p.m. ET/PT July 28. Kelly Osbourne will host the ceremony in Los Angeles.

The announcement was made by Jay Penske, founder, chairman and CEO of Penske Media Corp., owner and executive producer of the award show.


via: http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/young-hollywood-awards-nominees-2014-announced-1201251383/

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scaravenger vortex, the locomotive manipulation and Indecision..  these are the episodes in which in my opinion Mayim has shined more, and however I hope that in the season 8 the authors give more scenes to her character, they should exploit more an actress as her.. I believe that for her recitative qualities, she is the best among the female actresses in TBBT


I would totally agree with that, as well.  I wish she had more lines in "The Locomotive Manipulation", but she was really great in it, nevertheless, as well as in the other two you mentioned.  She is my favorite among the females, both for her character and for her abilities as an actress.

I voted for her and for Jim, but I don't think it's going to help as those actors/actress from Glee seem to be leading big time in their categories!

It'd be so awesome if they won that best on-screen couple award.

That would be totally awesome!  God, I hope they win!

My love for this picture is never ending :p

I would have to agree with that statement, wholeheartedly, as that is a pretty awesome picture of her.  Just fantastic!  I had a feeling they straightened her hair for the show.  Just once, I wish they would let it go natural.  Maybe when Amy and Sheldon finally have sex, they will, for the day after scene!  LOL!  :)

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Because of Shabbat.

Shabbat goes from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.  During that time, Jews aren't supposed to do anything that's considered work and to some anything having to do with electronics is considered work, including turning on the lights.

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