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Just report them and don't reply back.  You only enter into their world and make things worse.  Just report them.  That is best way to handle it.  Eventually Jim and Mayim will figure out it is a small group of folks and they can block those and enjoy the other fans.


I'm not the kind of person who easily react when I'm not concerned but I did ... and I don't think I'll react again. It felt just good to publicly open my mouth and say "that's not okay".

I made my point on Instagram.

I agree with you Star; I read your post too late. From now, I will report and that's all.

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Yeah thats how I understood it


And I think what the little girl said was " Sheldon need to make a move".

You're probably right that the girl doesn't know what it means, but 'Make a move' doesn't have to be anything sexual so I'd say it's fine. Don't think Mayim would approve for the girls to say something inappropriate, and apparently they also had the parents permission :)

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She's so cool!

I find that picture very cute. :)

I can't help but think its ironic that on the same day Kaley IG pics of her magazine cover Mayim's selfie is a very real morning shot...Just shows the differences between the two (not putting down either of them on this).  Just how they are very different.

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