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Dying to know why she hired a new stylist for Candid Camera?!!!!!



Ali has a pretty booked schedule so for Candid Camera I'm assuming (until we know more) that she wasn't available for the daily blocks of time needed for the CC shoots.  I'm amazed at Robert's schedule because he also has several high profile clients and a salon, but I love how he does her hair.  :girlinlove:


This new stylist has a portfolio that is very young, hip, sassy and not someone who I would expect Mayim to choose, but I love it!  :girlglasses:  I hope that Mayim becomes comfortable with her enough to let her style her outfits for some future events. I also hope the stylist is ballzee enough to say "I know what you like and I get it but trust in me,. Look girl, let's try something new.". :queen:

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As much as I like Alison, she has seriously been slipping lately. I am almost afraid for the Emmy dress. I still have SAG awards PTSD. Let's hope Mayim will look as good, if not better, than the GG's.

Hopefully this new stylist can style her a little outside of Candid Camera. :)

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The show, Candid Camera provides the stylist.  It isn't her hiring the person.  It is the show providing her with a new stylist.  If you look at most shows, even say like Craig Ferguson's, they say who is the stylist on them.  They always have someone in charge of dressing the hosts and the guests (if they are celebrity guests).   She is still very likely maintaining Alison for her regular styling activities.

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It's sad how Mayim said she feels bored basically with TBBT and that's one of the reasons why chose to take on this Candid Camera show. I mean, we still have three seasons left. Come on, Mayim.

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It was from her Kveller article today:


I don't really think she meant she was bored with bbt. I didn't take it that way, anyway. I think she just meant that she wants some diversity in her life, like anyone else would.


Exactly - she is not saying she is bored with TBBT - just that she wants to stretch as an actor and try different things, like the other actors on the show do.

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I think it's great the she's going to be doing Candid Camera, and though I haven't read the article, I can understand that she'd like to do something in addition to Big Bang.

It's the same reason Jim was eager to do Harvey and TNH. One thing he talked about was the opportunity to "flex some different muscles" in playing characters who are so different from Sheldon.

Good for her!

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I love love Mayim. She is my favorite cast member. This isn't coming across right. I fully support and understand what she means. I just was saying the wording she used was less than politically correct. I didn't mean to say that I don't encourage what she does. I hope this clears it up.

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From The Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/31/weirdest-things-tv_n_5627018.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment&ir=Entertainment


The 60 Weirdest Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite TV Shows


46. "The Big Bang Theory"

The show's science consultant often uses actress Mayim Bialik's help, as she has a Ph.D. in neuroscience.


David Saltzberg is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, along with being the show's scientific fact-checker and the person who writes equations on the whiteboards. Saltzberg has said that Bialik "has [his] back on the biology."


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From Goldderby:

http://www.goldderby.com/news/6965/mayim-bialik-the-big-bang-theory-cbs-emmys-entertainment-647583920-story.html Emmy Episode Analysis: Mayim Bialik ('The Big Bang Theory') hopes voters will make the right decision




Emmy Episode Analysis: Mayim Bialik ('The Big Bang Theory') hopes voters will make the right decision



  • Bialik's over-the-top delivery of her sarcastic questions on date night is definitely a highlight of the episode.
  • Amy consoles her friends throughout the episode, and Emmy voters may feel that with everyone she has to put up with, she may needs some consoling herself.
  • This is Bialik's third nomination for this role, and top-rated 'Big Bang' is a perennial nominee for Best Comedy Series. The support from the TV academy seems to be there.


  • Bialik's screen time is limited, and even when she's on-screen the story is never about her character. Even in a supporting race, voters may wish to see more of her.
  • You can sense that Amy would like to lash out throughout the episode, but she never gets that kind of emotional showcase. She just tends to Sheldon's feelings.
  • Bialik can't quite match the buzz surrounding first-time competitors Allison Janney ("Mom") and Kate Mulgrew ("Orange is the New Black").
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