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Mayim Bialik


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Is it me or were those questions lame-o??


I do like the new photos.  fake leather and black.

I thought the same thing, I feel like they always ask her the same questions in every interview, there's nothing new. That photoshoot is flawless though, I love that they let her keep all her ear piercings!

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Just wanna pop in here and and join the chorus of "damn!" she looks fine. Not sure what it is about that peplum dress that I like so much, it's a bit like an odd combination of her latest golden globes dress and SAG awards dress (except this time with a lovely, flattering skirt half). Kinda gothic but it's different and it suits her. And of course I can't forget that other badass outfit. Wish I had such fabulous curves! Raz likey!

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1) Amazing photos, she looks great. 


2) Yes, some of the questions about veganism were lame. But I enjoyed the first part of the interview, about her education and career. Her parents sound a lot like mine! (Acting career aside :p )


3) Raz!!! You are hiding too much, dude, miss you!

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