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That was a great write up!! Mayim seems so grounded, and I get a lot of strength watching her stick to her convictions. Would I say I agree with her 100% of the time, absolutely not, but we subscribe to different beliefs.  As far as food I lean more of the teaching of Daniel Vitalis and Danial Quinn. Re-wilding and being true to the spices that I am. She doesn't and yet is leaps and bounds ahead in areas I wish I was, like NO TV!


More Power to her!!

I agree.  I loved the article!  She is one the most intelligent and well spoken actresses working in Hollywood today, I believe, and it is always a joy to see her interviewed or to read an interview with her.  I'm so glad that this was shared here.  I would never see these type of articles if not for you kind people sharing the links here.  :)

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Wow Mayim is getting a lot of hate on IG right now

yea...expected but so childish to blow up somebodys IG.....I hate when people do that!!!


But with that subject matter (which I don't get involved in) people for obvious reasons are very sensitive. 


Good news, she'll be off the grid for a few days enjoying the holiday with her family so hopefully she doesn't even engage the folks on her IG.....

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From Mayim's Facebook page:



They all three look so cute together dressed as they are and in character!

Catch photos of Mayim in Guatemala, new ones have emerged.

These were great!  Thanks for sharing the link!  :)

Wow Mayim is getting a lot of hate on IG right now

Yeah, I saw that yesterday, and I don't understand it!  I mean I understand that the conflict over there is a sensitive one, going on for years, but it’s not like she has the words “Death to…” or “Bomb the…” on her t-shirt or some other inflammatory statement.  Peace means just what it says peace.  I wish they would leave her alone!

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Look, I found this in BLOSSOM. Mayim can do this well as Jim :icon_cheesygrin:

That is so neat!  That is excellent how well she can do it, too.  My brothers and I were just trying, and only one of us can do it!  It hurts my fingers even trying!  LOL!  Good for Mayim!  They should have her do it once on the show.  It would drive Sheldon mad with desire!  Ha, ha...

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Yeah that article went around a couple of weeks ago. It is an older article.  She is just way behind in catching up.  LOL!

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