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Oh I didn't know he's married. I agree though, Mayim seems like such a well spoken, intelligent women. Obviously with her PHD she's very well versed in science but she also seems very philosophical and open minded. She presents ideas to people very eloquently and doesn't force her views on anyone, she simply provides valuable insight as to why she finds something to be true or not.

Not to disparage any of the other actors because I think they're all lovely and gifted in their own ways but I think after Mayim, Jim is probably one of the more intelligent cast members. He seems very well read and knowledgeable about his art. He seems very passionate and takes his work very seriously. (I'm not sure how i got here, just an weird train of thought) Anyway I would really love to have a conversation with or take a class taught by Mayim or Jim because of their keen knowledge of the things they work at. 

I think Jim’s degrees, especially his Masters degree in theater, help make him extremely adept at his craft.  He was classically trained, as he has said himself before.  I've also seen in interviews him remark that he would probably be a teacher if he couldn't act; in fact, I think that was in one of the features of the Season 3 dvd, I think he said in the SAG conversations show that also, that he'd like to teach an acting class one day at the graduate level.  Kunal also has a Masters degree and I think Simon might, too.

I like how he always says she's a nurosomething or other haha. I cant remember which talk show it was.... Kimmel or Fallon! it was definatly a Jimmy..

They obviously respect eachothr alot. I love their friendship.... almost as much as Jim loves mayims backside   :friends:  :secret:

I saw that interview recently, and yeah, that was on Jimmy Kimmel's show!  LOL!  That was pretty funny!

I like her selfie with batman! 

I like that selfie, too!  It's pretty neat!  :)

You guys ever seen this pic of Mayim with Jennifer Anniston back in 1990, four years before Jennifer started FRIENDS?  



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Whenever mayim posts a pic with Jim, the crazy girl who posts a million times begging Jim to respond to mayim or he will regret it shows up

I don't understand what she's trying to achieve and she certainly doesn't care about what she thinks is "fact and truth'

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Ha trip out! What a cool photo. Did Jennifer guest star on Blossom or something?

Yeah, it is cool, huh?  I was wondering the same thing myself.  She must have.  I found this one a little later, too.  It's actually from a year before that previous one.




There are a ton of them on her site with all kinds of celebrities from when she was a kid.

someone here intend to do something about Mayim's birthday??


Like a gift from the fans or something??

I could make a film of images of her set to music like the Shamy Years and Shamy Possibilities films I made earlier this year and posted to the fan fic forum.  You guys could tell me the song you'd like to use, and I could edit it to the music along with a personalized message from you all.  I was planning on doing one for Jim's birthday anyway, but now I realize hers is before his.  Let me know what you guys think.

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Oldies but goodies, I was surfing online and I found that video recorded in July 2012 (almost one hour of Mayim) from the website: Zocalo Public Square.
She's interviewed by someone from the Huffington post and she's talking about TBBT but not only.

She's very chatty and that's always a pleasure to listen to her :)



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mayim's latest kveller post made me cry so hard i literally had to pause for a few minutes and just cry. 

yes, ME TOO!  It was beautifully written and as a mother of two boys myself I always can relate to her posts about them.  It was so amazing, pobably one of my favorites that she has written!!! 


I was crying too!!

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I completely lost it at the end. I'm not usually such a sensitive person, but I had tears in my eyes too. I mean, it happens to me when I watch something, but being so close to crying while reading an article/blog post hasn't happened to me in a loooong time.

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I loved loved loved the line "I want to be like a camera in their eye as they see the person they first fall in love with. "


so true!!!

very true!!  As a Mother of two boys its something I think about a lot.  Unfortunetly my sister-in-law and my mother don't have the best relationship.  I pray my boys and their future partners jive with us!!  Its that old saying "your daughter is your daughter for life....your son is your son until he finds a wife".....

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