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Mayim Bialik


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Im married and i do the plunging and killing bugs in my house. My hubby literally gags at squrimish things. Im use to it. My gag reflex isnt as bad as his. Sorry to be graphic. My hubby killed a tiny bug, he threw up, and i had to clean the bug and his mess. Thats how bad it is. Big willow he is. Lol.

Another note. Mayim looks gorgeous. Working that sexy body under all those layers of wool and polyester.

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Well, if somebody can't get over Mayim's look on The View, her new post on Kveller definitely helps to kill the mood. lol


I was little bit sad for her too. As I can't really relate I live on my own since I was fifteen, never living with a man or children, but I can get her point... you can consider yourself as independent or even feminist, but in the end of a day, you still want to have someone who plunge the toilet, or kill that big spider for you :) And The View? So damn hot ! She's gorgeous (as always) :)

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She's using the wrong kind of plunger for the toilet...


I've lived alone for the past 25(!) years and I've had to plunge my own toilet on occasion.  I've never understood why anyone would gag over it--I mean, does one gag over wiping their own butt?  It's all the same...stuff...just looking at it from a different angle. :p


I used to work Mother's Day Out 2 days a week at my church when I first moved here, and I also babysat for a set of triplets the other 3 days, so I've changed my share of diapers, and barf.  I don't remember ever feeling like I was going to throw up.


I also have the wrong kind of plunger for the toilet.  I bought the cheapest one, so...  But I read somewhere that the correct one for the toilet is the kind with a sort of accordioned end--fits into the drain of the toilet bowl and makes a better seal.



Anyway, I can sympathize with Mayim about being on a path you don't necessarily want, but trusting God to lead you along it.  Some choices we make, some choices are beyond our control, but we still have to walk that path.


And plunging the toilet is always a pain in the butt.

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She is amazing! Brilliant and very relatable and extremely likable.


I really love that both Mayim and Jim seem like people I would actually choose to be friends with in real life. That is a stark contrast to many of the other actors I really like who are so enjoyable onscreen but if I am being fully honest I would not really want hanging around me as people.

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She talked about playing D&D, how TBBT were going to be legos, her visit to the White House...mainly nerd stuff that Seth brought up.   They interacted well and she was animated, intelligent, hilarious and charming all in one.   She really was great.  I hope to have a clip up soon...just waiting for an upload from the show.

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Yea she is very talented for sure.  Hence why I hope one day she'll get her props in an actual award (not just nominations)


I thought she looked amazing at The View, liked the outfit & shoes on Seth but wasn't loving the hair.  But I so want the necklace she was wearing though.


She seemed very in her element on Seth (did a good job on both but since the two shows are extremely different with different audiences & demos she was able to relate to both crowds which was impressive)

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I think she makes Jim shine.

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I agree, I think her and Jim work very well together and they do not necessarily outshine one another, instead they bring out the best qualities in one another. What more could you hope for in an acting partner? No wonder they are so fond of one another.


Something else I've noticed in the interview on The View was how quickly Rosie had taken to her, even after their disagreement. This is something that I continuously see happen to Mayim. People hear about her and some of her eccentricities and views and immediately decide that she's a weirdo and don't like her. However, after talking to her and listening to her very thoughtful and eloquent points they immediately become enamored with her and even if they don't agree  with what she is saying  they are always impressed. I love that in Mayim! How she can literally make anyone like her. Even people like Howard Stern have changed their tune after speaking to her. She's so personable and humble. Love this woman!

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I think that they are perfect foils for each other in these roles.  Though I never would have thought of her as someone who would come along and play Sheldon's girlfriend (I didn't know she was even still acting before she showed up on TBBT), now I can't imagine any other actress in that role.  I think that it's a combination of their particular chemistry, the incredible writing on the show, and their individual talent for doing the things they're called upon to do.


I think they bring out the best in each other when they have scenes together.  They both have great comedic timing, which makes their funny scenes that much funnier, and their mutual affection helps so much with the sweeter moments.


I wouldn't compare one to the other, since they each have their own work to do on their own characters, but together they make the perfect combination.


ETA: I love that she's playing D&D now, but if she's playing with people who do voices for their characters or whatever, then she really is playing with NERDS! :p

I'd love to see how she would do with 1st Edition playing.  I'd love to play with her or any of the cast members, if they would really play.  I'm no expert, but I did play for about 3 years. (Nerd cred) ;)

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