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This is the small piece from People that Mayim Tweeted about a few days ago:  http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20879444,00.html


Apparently I am the last page of this week's People magazine. The quotes are correct! Yay for People magazine for getting my quotes right :)



Lol People magazine I'm not 39 yet! Not for 8 more days. Lol.


That’s funny!  Good for Mayim.  Another magazine like PEOPLE reported that Kirk Douglas was dead!  Talk about misinformation!

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Lovely birthday cake they got Mayim on the set today:



2 hours ago

Love my job bc they get me this. From Half Baked. Yum.



Melissa Rauch ‏@MelissaRauch  2h

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend @missmayim who puts up with me constantly asking to be her Six. http://www.whosay.com/l/Miy9PAV




The "Half Baked" that Mayim referred to is a bakery in Burbank, CA. They specialize in using natural ingredients, vegan and gluten free options. Beautiful and delicious looking stuff!



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She was so close last night and I didn't even know it.

Aaww, you live there?

If there's any consulation I think Mayim is the kind who has her favorite spots, so she'll probably return.

If you're in stalker mood you can look at the wall decoration and maybe figure out which restuarant it was ;)

Edited by Jamie

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I totally get her latest Kveller post.  While I do celebrate Christmas, some of my best friends are Jewish, and its a tough time of year, especially explaining it to young children.  In fact this past weekend, our local mall had a Jewish Festival to kick off Hanukkah which I attended with my friend and her kids.  But I also happen to live in an area that has a decent size Jewish population.  It was so cute & fun and an educational experience for my almost 6 year old.  He knows a lot from public school (as do I) but they were so sweet towards him (even though my son told the big driedel character "no pictures, I'm not Jewish")

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Big Bang celebrated Chankah on the set tonight


Thank you @missmayim for hosting tonight's #BigBangTheory Chanukah lighting!


@billprady anytime. Er...Once a year!??!


Chag Chanukah sameach. On set celebrating!




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