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I entered a contest and was the lucky winner of a Mayim Bialik autographed TI-Nspire CX calculator.  I've decided to offer it up for sale on eBay.  If you're interested, you can view it here, or just go to eBay and search for "Mayim Calculator".


Kind of a unique item if you're a Mayim Bialik fan  :shy:

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I did not breastfeed my children and am still happy I made that choice.   But I do agree with Mayim about the ad in this case.  I personally didn't find it humorous or entertaining but kind of demeaning to all women in many ways showing how we cat-fight among ourselves even over things as basic as to whether to feed your child a certain way or not.  Honestly, it is no one else's business what method you use to nourish your child as long as you are indeed nourishing them.   But I do agree with her that the ad was selling a product and not really doing what they claim to be doing (banding women together).   


I think it is interesting that often when people are trying to be "open" minded they tend to be far more closed minded.  This ad is more closed minded than open minded and again is labeling women into categories.   So I agree with Mayim in this case even though I made a completely opposite choice than she about nourishing my children, but I certainly never frown upon someone that makes a different choice than I do.  I think that it is their right (as long as no harm is being done to a child).   So yeah....it amazes me that this ad even went viral...wasn't even entertaining to me.

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I haven't watched the commercial (yet), but sometimes I wish Mayim could just let things go from time to time.


Not saying she is wrong, but getting upset about so many things isn't good for herself.


I just watched it and I do get why she's upset ... but I think you're right, she shouldn't involve herself in big things like this.

She has the right to say she disagree, but make an entire article about it, it's a bit much.

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I thought the ad was kinda funny. Of course it was meant to sell their product. Its a commercial.

I did breastfeed my kids in the first months and when i went to work i switched to formula. So i see both sides.

I love Mayim and i love she is passionate about her beliefs but somwtimes its best to say nothing unless she is ready for backlash

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I agree...that it is best for her, as a public person, to perhaps hold some of her opinions back...just swallow your frustration and move on.   I sometimes wonder if she uses the blogs to vent to help her deal with lack of privacy in her life.   It seems to me though that it can only add more stress.  I don't know.   


I think it is great to be passionate about things, but in her case, it only hurts her to be so overly passionate that it comes across as said above like a 70-year-old bitty.   That isn't good.   She needs to learn to be passionate, but also respect other opinions and not lash out at the industry she works in.   It really does put her in a negative light.


I just wish Heather would advise her on these things better.   She invites controversy and negativity against her and that can't be good for her career.  I know she is just expressing opinion on choices she has made and feels passionate about, but sometimes you have to know when to keep your mouth (or in this case her keyboard) shut.  

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