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Bruin's are the name of the school team...sport independent.   Can be football, basketball or whatever sport...but the school mascot and name are the Bruins.

Yes true, I guess I've been hearing too much about March Madness lately (and I don't even follow basketball!)

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I wonder if Mayim spoke with Jim about Lena Dunham and her comments, know Jim is following Lena in IG and Mayim not happy about the comments

While I could see why she was offended, the article was purely for humor. It was a more amped up Raj vs. Cinnamon actually...

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What comments did she make this time? Lena Dun... however you spell her last name always says stupid, infuriating stuff. I love Jim but it kind of upsets me that he likes her. She's overrated.


For what it's worth I think Jim likes pretty much everyone. He is just that kind of person. It is the very quality that explains his close friendship with Mayim despite their not seeming to have much in common. So it does not surprise me that he also likes Lena Dunham. I do wonder if that bugs Mayim though!

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well based off her latest Kveller post, Mayim's been in a bad mood/had a very stressful time...... 


Which makes it a very bad time for her to post anything. People tend to say a lot of bad things when they're in a bad mood (speaking from experience!), and with Mayim's chronic tendency to shove both of her feet so far down her throat that she could play hopscotch on her colon, she's probably better off keeping her mouth shut until she's in a more rational frame of mind.

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Mayim and her house renovations have been going on for a while as well, maybe that's part of what's making her grumpy?

Remodeling and renovating a home is very stressful and it appears she has been transitioning with a major reno so that has to be very stressful indeed.   I agree with Martin...she is best keeping to happy topics at this time to post about because anything upsetting can come across far more negative and only makes her look really negative.   I am sure her therapist has told her it helps her to vent via the pen, but sadly when in the public eye, those lessons are not always good ones.   Maybe she should create herself her own diary at home to use as her venting device. 

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So happy she spoke out in support & LOVE of Home.  I was patiently waiting for it being she does have children and it is geared for children

Yes I was wondering why she had made no comment about it as I thought it would appeal to her and she could take her kids now they are older. I didn't notice that no one died.

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