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No, but if she is sitting shiva and observing it for the full 7 days and because they don't sit during holy days and Shabbat  in some synagogues, but begin after those days, she would not be online at the earliest until tomorrow.   A lot depends on the sequence of events and if that is even the reason she is staying offline.   

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Would she still be required to go to work this week regardless of what's going on? Considering it's the finale and the timing and the money that would be on the line (contracts, etc)?

Yes. I think she will be there this week because it is the Season Finale and it likely she won't see most of them again until July or August.  


It like the last day  of  school for them. 

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Oh man, I knew it. I had a feeling it was her Dad. She had posted that picture of him months ago and he looked sick even then. I think the BBT writers purposely wrote her light in these last episodes because they knew he could pass any time and she would need to miss episodes to sit Shiva. So sad.


Here is the kveller post about her Dad's passing:



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