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Mayim Bialik


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For some reason, I find Mayim lovelier in her Amy Farrah Fowler makeup than in her presser/TV guesting make up. She's definitely a bombshell in red lipstick, but she's wow-za with simpler, Amy Farrah Fowler make up.

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#bigbangtheory's Mayim Bialik guests this wknd. Find a station near you or listen on the free App: http://AnimalRadio.com 





For those who missed her interview, here is a clip of just her interview session.


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Pretty much what she does in most of her talks...but gave a brief family history then focused on her own educational history, shared that she got back into show business for health insurance and how she now uses her education and actress status to education on STEM and encourage more girls and young women to get involved in the sciences and that she also writes, etc.   


She did reveal that she had to get back immediately following her talk and could not be available for photos or signatures.  


She introduced winners of some awards and then she was out the door.  


She literally talked probably about 40 min and then about 20 min was for the awards and she was gone immediately after.


she should'nt be the one who encourages young girls and women into sciences.......she would be a pretty bad role model......... she was in sciences .....left it to join acting industry....just because it gets her big bucks..........


its like her saying.... I want money...so i won't stay in science.......but other girls should go into science........


gosh ... what a hypocrite....

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