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Mayim just posted on Instagram. If @ryanmcpartlin gets 25k followers on Instgram  by the end of the day he will put on a tux and chauffer Miss Mayim to the Emmys in his Honda Odyssey minivan.

She seems pretty psyched to have a handsome driver in lame car. They are only 1200 follows short. Help a sister out.

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Catch all the behind the scenes photos for the TV Movie Accidental Trip.  It's a wrap for the project, and we are going to miss Mayim's onset shennanigans but hope we get a lot of new ones on the set of The Big Bang Theory to make up for it.   Hopefully she can help lure Jim back to IG as well. :girlwink:

I think she needs to remind Ryan about using the "Repost" or "Regram" when reposting.  :laugh:

Think Hallmark - Christmas in July!  Will update down the road when more information becomes available!

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So happy Warner Brothers did this promotional ad for Mayim.   I think this is the first year they have done one for an individual.  Always in the past it was full cast even if individuals were nominated.  Kudos that they at least still did something for Mayim (and the show benefits as well)!  :girlwink: 



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