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2 hours ago, vonmar said:

Critics Choice Awards.....cracking up really hard here...the opening montage of the film and TV clips ended with the scene in The Opening Night Excitation when Sheldon says.."Well, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would"


Is there a video? Can you share?

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Responding here to keep on topic @hazelra7:wink:

5 minutes ago, hazelra7 said:

Tensor! you look so different nowadays with your snazzie Jim avatar and no purple writing!!  But all kidding aside, you are right.  That discussion belongs in actor threads.  Hard to keep on topic somedays.

I think the award would be comedic performance.  So when you guys say the stairwell scene, you mean when she says, 'You shut your damn mouth!"  Yes?  I think she should get an Emmy for the Thanksgiving Episode.  Calling it. (As if everyone and their brother hasn't said the same thing)

How she could have lost with the tiara scene is beyond my comprehension!

I personally think 'Opening Night' should be her submission, dunno if that is within the Emmy year guidelines or not though ?

Her acting was on point in the 'we'll find out together' scene and she was hilarious in the "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" ... "LETS GET ME WAXED!" *comedy runs down the stairs* :icon_cheesygrin:

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