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Mayim was on Randi Zuckerberg SiriusXM Business Radio Channel 111 this morning. It was a re-run episode (because it was recorded 6 months after her father passed away so is about 6 months old).  The mainly talked about Grok Nation and how she uses it as a tool to talk about relevant topics but in a non-judgmental fashion.   She also talked about how she uses it as a platform to generate discussions and to bring information that normally would not be brought out through normal news means (different slant on topical news).  

She talked about her reasons for staying "modest" in dress and how it does not conflict with feminism.   

Her top five apps:  HabitRPG (todo lists, very great motivator), Common Sense.org (socially conservative website, parental guide for movies), World Brightest Flashlight, Faceplant (can switch faces from a photo), Insight Timer (Meditation app)

She also talked about studying to get her PhD and why she went into the program (nothing new here, just how she was motivated into science by a tutor, etc.).

She was asked about how to use DNA information and when it is appropriate and when it isn't, etc.   She basically said it is very complicated and she is still trying to figure out herself.   

Randi asked Mayim to talk about the scholarship endowment from the show.   Talked about how they just have 20 scholars currently studying from the funds supplied by the scholarship.

Mayim's advice for success:  You don't have to be mean to be successful, but you can be driven by meaningful things and being honest and having a good team of people that see in you what you can't see in yourself helps.   Having supportive teams helps a lot.   She is not motivated by money....but GrokNation is run without any funds and still successful.   She is proud of that.  GrokNation keeps her pretty busy, along with parenting and BBT.


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46 minutes ago, DrWackaDoodle said:

I just saw a commercial for Intel's Greatest Makers on TBS featuring a split second shot of Mayim as a judge. Does anyone know when it airs? 

April 19  is the episode (third episode) that Mayim will be guest judging - 

Season 1, Episode 3

April 19, 2016

Make or Break Round 1

The Make or Break round kicks off with the makers in hot competition. Guest judge: Mayim Bialik.

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So this week on Food Network's 'Celebrity Cupcake Wars', Mayim's brother on 'Blossom", Joey Lawrence , was on.  He made it to the final round, but lost because his display for the National Spelling Bee event was too high for kids to reach, and was 1 sided so people couldn't reach cakes from all sides.  I wonder if "SIX" will be on next week?

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