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She is just AWESOME. Seriously.

I'm in a very dark place right now as my husband told me he wants divorce.

Things are bad because I REALLY don't want to and obviously he's leaving me no choice.

I still hurt a lot, cry a lot. I'm angry at him. I'm upset. I'm sad. I'm terrified about my future as I live and work in a very expensive area, there is no way I can afford a decent house rental alone. I'll have to move. Our daughter will have to attend a new school.

Thank you Mayim for opening my eyes on my anger. I know deep down that I need to calm down and think about my daughter. But I'm so sad and angry right now :(

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From Mayim's Grok Nation: http://groknation.com/hollywood/groknation-interview-simon-helberg-in-florence-foster-jenkins/


Most of you know Simon Helberg from his work as Howard Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory.” I  like to say that I am Simon’s biggest fan both on and off screen, as he is an incredible and generous comedian, a loving father and husband, and a sensitive and brilliant person who I’m honored to work with. His latest movie, “Florence Foster Jenkins,” will make you fall in love with him in a new way as he portrays the pianist for the most successful (but musically horrible) opera singer in history. Simon’s performance is memorable and complex and he is truly adorable. Seeing him on the big screen was a huge treat for me, and I decided to interview him about the differences between playing this role and playing Wolowitz, including how he went about creating such a lovable and fascinating character for this beautiful movie which I highly recommend you see! So read on…


MB SH.jpg

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I'm so happy that Mayim loves Stranger Things, it's one of the coolest series I've seen in a long time!

I hope that TBBT can acknowledge this show somehow, it seems something  "our" characters would really like!

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