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On 19.8.2016 at 7:40 PM, Arduina said:

She is just AWESOME. Seriously.

I'm in a very dark place right now as my husband told me he wants divorce.

Things are bad because I REALLY don't want to and obviously he's leaving me no choice.

I still hurt a lot, cry a lot. I'm angry at him. I'm upset. I'm sad. I'm terrified about my future as I live and work in a very expensive area, there is no way I can afford a decent house rental alone. I'll have to move. Our daughter will have to attend a new school.

Thank you Mayim for opening my eyes on my anger. I know deep down that I need to calm down and think about my daughter. But I'm so sad and angry right now :(

I´m sorry to hear that Arduina! I wish you strength to go through this hard time! But you are not alone, you have your daughter. Together you can do it! You can be as strong as Mayim! *Hug*

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Mayim, I just came across the PBS Nova series "The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers"!  You are my hero, standing up for women who love science and math.  Now, if you can just convince the wardrobe folks that you know how to dress Amy... 

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That jump was pretty cool, too! (Still has the Blossom moves!! LOL)

And then the "uhhh someone's taking notice... and it's the boys!" just killed me. omg (I'm easily amused.)

Speaking of Blossom:


Question: Are ever going to see Mayim Bialik do the Blossom dance on The Big Bang Theory? —Latifah
Ausiello: Exec producer Steve Molaro isn’t ruling it out. But first, he has to find out what the eff you’re talking about. “I’m ashamed to say I’m not up on my Blossom enough to even know that there is a Blossom dance,” he tells me. “But the next time I see Mayim, I’m going to personally ask to see it and then we’ll go from there.”


(It's not really a spoiler so I hope it's okay to post it here??)

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