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Mayim Bialik


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Just now, kbp said:

isn't there a table read on wed too

Yes, there is,  but I guess it's not a big deaI if Mayim misses it (if she indeed misses it), she'II be rehearsing with the others on Thursday morning

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8 hours ago, mirs1 said:

She is in IsraeI right now, she has posted severaI IG stories and pics about her trip; I think she's scheduled for an event which ends on March 19th, so she shouId make it to the PaIeyfest

ETA I've checked and the event, a Forum about how  to combat antisemitism,  starts on March 19th, it ends on the 21st (not sure if Mayim wiII attend aII of it, though), and Mayim is invited at a gaIa dinner on the 20th; as a matter of fact  it's a busy schedule, but I guess she might Ieave soon after the gaIa and stiII make it to PaIeyfest

Hmm funny, we will probably both be in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Not that I would meet her though.

I wish she went by the marketplace though, I went there last week and one of the streets nearby had a bar named Leonard! haha I wish she'd see that.

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Just seen this on Mayim's IG Stories:


I hope Mayim is ok and it's not a recurrence of her vocal cords issue and she is just having a check up. If she has to go on vocal rest it would be shitty timing considering the show has a couple of big ones still to tape and she has her book tour coming up (obviously her health at the end of the day comes first). I hope all is well!

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On 5/3/2018 at 4:43 PM, vonmar said:

Mayim pretaped her appearance on The Talk today. From her IG story with Michael Bolton.



This will air on Thursday, May 10th.

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