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It was a 4-course vegan meal. Before every meal was served, she would talk a little bit about the course and her inspiration for it or whatnot. The first meal was a Matzoh ball soup, which I believe s

Mayim Bialik in Bust Magazine April/May 2014     I love the rings.

Mayim Bialik ‏@missmayim  4m Me and kunalnayyar on set. Aren't we cute? #hewantsmetouseahashtagbutihatethem http://instagram.com/p/myWT79qBl8/

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Mayim wrote about her Comic con experience for Grok Nation

My surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con

I took my kids to Comic-Con for the first time. Meaning it was their very first time at Comic-Con. They have been to various other “cons” with their dad, including Stan Lee’s Comikaze in full costume with their group of awesome, geeky homeschool friends and their equally awesome, geeky parents. I’m not typically included in those journeys since: a. I don’t love crowds; b. If I don’t wear a costume, I tend to be recognizable and then it becomes me taking pictures with people rather than spending time with my kids and c. I’m not really into dressing up to avoid that or otherwise.

As for me never taking them to Comic-Con: When I have gone with the cast and writers of The Big Bang Theory, it’s to work. Like, to be in hair and makeup early and to run around from interview to interview and do our panel and press. I never walk the floor. I go home and get back into PJs.

This year, through the graces of Warner Bros. and their ingenious pre-planning, I got to go for one night with my kids and Grok Nation’s very own Esther Kustanowitz. The boys’ dad was on vacation, so they were coming with me no matter what! I was asked to be a surprise reveal guest at the TBBT writer’s panel Friday morning. This meant I could not be seen before the panel; no press, no posting, no nothing!

<full article in the link>

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