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6.16 The Tangible Affection Proof (Feb. 14)


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Going to be a very interesting episode, just wish the promo photos for this episode will be available at CBS Press Express but hopefully very soon we will see them on the site.

This is gonna get people talkin' :)


It will certainly be getting a lot of people talking Shel_Ra_Ho_Le about this episode and how making the perfect Valentine’s Day go for each couple.

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Sounds like a really great one!  Love to see what boys are going to do for their ladies this V-day especially SHAMY!! lol..  I can just imagine what Sheldon would think of to give Amy for a Valentines day present, his idea of romance is so adorable and offbeat.  I also love the idea of more Raj and Stuart time the two of them hanging out and trying to hook up with girls should be fun.  I already know about upcoming new "possiblity" for Raj so I'm excited to see what writers do with that even if it is just for one episode.

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The pictures look quite low key. I know it's ridiculous but Sheldon and Alex do look soooo good together :icon_redface: and I agree, Penny is a knockout in red.

You know Kaley looks better dressed up as Penny then I think she looked dressed for the SAG Awards.

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I agree with that SRAM... I feel its almost like kaley tries to hard when shes at the award ceremonies and such... she's gorgeous on the show though as penny

You're right it does seem that she tries too hard. Her face was too made up at the SAG.

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