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6.16 The Tangible Affection Proof (Feb. 14)


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The ratings are in for this episode and there was 1.23 million with an extra 364k on e4 plus, I wonder if this was to be put on the main channel c4 if there would be a rise in viewings, the date night variable got the highest ratings this season with 3.2 million in all

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This episode was Okay for me.

Nothing special or out of the norm. :pNo impressed at all my all the bitchy-gimmecky-trickery stuff.

Sheldon "mean" as usual as ever with the manically ego-centric behaviour by keeping the winner gift for Amy to himself. :icon_cheesygrin:

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Yeah Rachel...

the “gimmicky gift”  when Howard in his lab creates a micro-valentine present for his wife by using  an atomic force microscope to write his and Bernadette's initials in a heart 1/1000th the size of a grain of sand. Taking twelve hours to make! Then Howard accidentally breaks it when he removes it from the microscope. :(

A TBBT Vday plenty of mishaps to attract extra attention, interest, stratagems to detour the viewers, who hoped for a date of great romance to happen.

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When Lucy goes to the bathroom, Raj says "I should have brought condoms", yet, in The Skank Reflex Analysis, when Penny asks him if he had protection, he replies "Of course. I'm always packing".


Also, Bernadette has a go at Raj, for telling Howard that he has feelings for her, yet it was Leonard who spilled the beans, about his poems.

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When Lucy goes to the bathroom, Raj says "I should have brought condoms", yet, in The Skank Reflex Analysis, when Penny asks him if he had protection, he replies "Of course. I'm always packing".


Also, Bernadette has a go at Raj, for telling Howard that he has feelings for her, yet it was Leonard who spilled the beans, about his poems.


So Raj had that ONE time where he forgot.  It happens.


Anyways, I'm surprised this episode didn't get any comments yesterday.


This episode was easily the show's best Valentines Day episode (Sorry Shamy fans, S7's was fine for their relationship, but the rest of that episode was weak IMO).  It's also one of season 6's strongest episodes.


All the characters had a moment where their romance issues shined. Some of them even had some great development for them.


Okay Raj's was slightly undone with his "later losers", but he got some karma in the next episode; where he felt the same way those same people in the comic book store probably did.


Sheldon shined by making Amy his emergency contact.


Amy shined by giving Sheldon an evening that he would enjoy, as opposed to something more traditionally romantic.


Howardette shined by realizing that sometimes the arguments that you and your significant other get into on extreme levels can really be quite petty compared to what SOME couples are going through.  I also loved Melissa Rauch's delivery with "OH BITE ME!" the first time.


Of course this is probably the part where my bias is going to shine through, I loved the development with Leonard-Penny's romance.


-The 43 Peculiarity had Leonard obviously at an insecure mindset where it took Penny saying something to calm him in the heat of the moment (The L Bomb) to take some of the weight off his shoulders.  This episode is where the roles are reversed.  With the only difference being Leonard being aware of what he's saying in the moment.  Though it doesn't take away from either episode.


-First off I absolutely agree Penny was acting like a bitch in this episode.  The only reason that I find it tolerable is 1.) She admitted to her issues. 2.) I understood the context of what brought these issues to the forefront.  I agree with previous posters that she didn't want her old bf back.  IMO she reacted harshly because him proposing to her old friend brought to question, "Did he cheat on me, because he saw a willingness to commit in Gretchen that he didn't see in me?"  It's something that's been haunting Penny as far back as her family.

Given her family's track records with marriage and how they handled commitment (her sister SHOT her husband, her brother is in prison, and her mother gave birth to her out of wedlock), it's kind of a given that moving into a permanent state in a serious relationship freaks her out.  Not to mention how many times she was cheated on by other men in her life.

Given how Leonard didn't ask her to explain further on her commitment issues, it seems implied that he knows about her history with commitment at this point. Or at least enough of it.


-I also liked the sense of fear in Kaley's voice, when she says, "What do you mean, are you breaking up with me?"  It showed she doesn't want to be without Leonard at this point in her life.


-I also liked how Leonard was affirmative with her in this episode.  Up until this season, most of the time he was walking on egg shells when ever he dealt with her on serious issues.  Not here, he firmly expressed his annoyance at being disrespected at dinner, "This one does and your the reason why."


-I also liked when they got to the apartment, he was about to walk into his apartment, but stopped himself.  After Penny walks into her apartment, he puts his foot down and aggressively walks to the door.  This communicated with subtlety how determined he was in that he wasn't going to just sweep THIS under the rug like they've done in the past.  He was going to talk to her about THIS.  This is the man that Penny wants to see Leonard be, and he's well on the road to being this man at this point.


-I liked that he gave her the keys to "ignite the engagement" so to speak.  I also loved his self deprecating humor in poking fun at himself with the gender reversed roles. "But I gotta tell ya, when the time comes I want the whole nine yards.  I want you down on one knee, flowers; I want to be swept off my feet."  :icon_mrgreen:  Leonard's a master at this.  Some people think Raj and Stuart are better at this, but I disagree.  When Leonard does it, he does it with an air of confidence in his voice.  When they do it, they have no confidence in how things are going for them in life.


-Penny looked GORGEOUS in her red dress, I miss the long hair.


-Also liked how Penny called Leonard's romance ninja bit lame at the beginning of the episode.  But on Valentines Day it makes her chuckle when Leonard brings it up.  Obviously it sounds lame, but not so lame when it's coming from the man she loves.  Little quirky touches like that that are exclusive to these two REALLY add to their relationship IMO.  It's the kind of quirky characterization that's been sadly absent for most of season 8 (with a few exceptions like "Best Fiance Ever")


-Leonard: "Okay two can play at this game. (gets out of his chair and down on one knee to propose) Penny?"

Penny: "Get up."

Leonard: "Okay." (gets back up and sits in his chair)   :rofl:


Anyways fantastic episode not only for the Lenny ship but for the rest of the relationships as well.

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