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6.16 The Tangible Affection Proof (Feb. 14)


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Loved it--and the Shamy scene was so cute!

I'm re-watching it right now and I love how Sheldon pulls all these wads of bills out of various places. :p

I did think Penny was pretty cranky, but I like the way Leonard handled it. He didn't pout and he didn't just give in to her. He kind of put his foot down and called her on her behavior, but in such a way that he didn't push her or make it worse.

Sheldon is his usual self-focused silly self, but prepared to go along with trying to do what Amy wants to do. :)

Raj was cracking me up, too.

So much fun. :)

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Grade: A, Loved the episode but Penny was somewhat of a bitch tonight. Leonard was awesome, seeing a mad Bernadette is always funny and Amy was great. I also liked that Alex was in this episode, she was really good at trying to get a gift for Sheldon to give to Amy.

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S'ok...maybe I was expecting too much. Shamy was cute & caught the spirit of Valentine's Day. Howard also learned what true love means. I liked Raj's speech. We'll see about Luthrappali; is she long term? Good to see an assertive Leonard but I wish he would have not made it sound like he would wait forever.

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I give this episode an A or A+, The reason is Penny was kinda bitchy tonight but she recognized when confronted. Leonard was excellent tonight and even with some insecurity he called Penny to the carpet. She then admitted her failings with commitment. She also was scared that Leonard would break up with her, so she has tamed her arrogance. This is no longer a one way relationship. Leonard's insecurities were out front and a lot of Penny's were hidden, but she has admitted them to Leonard. Shamy was great. Usually I don't like more than two story lines and this had many but since it was around one theme it worked well.

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Great episode tonight mainly because of Leonard and Amy.


Amy demonstrated her slow, sure approach to Sheldon and did not lose her patience or temper with him. Her maturity level this time was so far above Sheldon that it made him look like a true ass.


Penny was being the self-centered bitch and Leonard finally called her on it. Penny's "Hero" story to start off the opening showed their normal dynamic, Leonard listening attentively while she declared that she saved a man's life by simply pointing out he was chocking and letting someone else actually do the work. Leonard, of course, supports her delusion. It was so satisfying to see Leonard making her acknowledge that she was being a spoiled, self absorbed, brat by ruining his special Valentine's celebration for her.


Yes, Penny's current attitude is not all her fault. She is like this because Leonard has made her that way.  :icon_wink:                 

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I really enjoyed the show. Kind of had four stories going on at once. Here's how i saw it from favorite to least favorite: 1. Raj getting a girl. Something that needed to happen for him. Felt bad for him with nobody. 2. L/P. Best moment that Leonard has had in a while. Though Penny's bitchiness was a bit understandable Leonard called her out on it twice. Penny's was forced to discuss her committment issues. Really want to see her propose. 3. H/B. Any married couples can relate to their argument. Been there. 4. Shamy- Amy at her best. Sheldon at his worst. Thought that Sheldon's gift was cute at first. But in true Sheldon fashion he sort of took it back at the end. Kind of like when he gave Howard "his seat".

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Just seen the bit where amy goes to sheldons, the conversation they had was proper grown up and very sweet and the eye coitus :)

Yes! I meant to mention that--when they were sitting on the couch and he was talking to her about her gift to him, then while he was watching her read the form.

She's lucky her eyes didn't get pregnant from all that coitus! :p

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Just seen the bit where amy goes to sheldons, the conversation they had was proper grown up and very sweet and the eye coitus :)

Starting to feel bad for you, downloaded and watched.

Take charge Leonard was superb in this episode, arranging a great night then calling Penny out on her me, me, me attitude. Then confronting her again to talk things through, The guy is learning. I also liked that they used Alex in a non conflict way, she worked really well in this episode.

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