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What First Got You Into The Show

The Lash

What got you into the show?  

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  1. 1. What got you into the show?

    • I watched from the pilot
    • I saw it advertised in TV guide
    • I caught an episode by chance
    • It was recommended by a friend / someone
    • I had seen some of Chuck and Bill's other shows
    • I was in love with Kaley
    • Other - Please specify

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Recommended to me by a friend in September 2010 (he gave me his whole collection of seasons 1-3, downloaded). His comment was - 'it's a show about us'. And it is. :)


We moved to different places, and I'm no longer in touch with that friend, but I'll be forever grateful to him for gifting me with one of the greatest joys of my life.

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When the show was on Monday I think it came after Two and a Half Men, a show I started to watch in re-runs. TBBT would be on but I didn't pay attaention to it. I would play my guitar waiting for the next show Rule of Engagement to come on. All I could remember was seeing Johnny Galecki and he being the only person I recognized. The other thing I remember seeing was all of them running in between two apartments and i was confused to what was going on. Then one day I saw the bath gift hypothesis and being a huge Star Trek fan I was hooked! Been watching ever since.

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