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Hello Nerdvana

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      Hi, My name is Jeffrey and i'm happy to join the online community of my fav show on TV. I've been into this show for awhile, but I recently went into a certain "enlightened" state. Now I just can't get enough of it every week. When my season collection is complete (All i'm missing is 5, and will have it soon) a Super Big Bang Marathon will be in order.


        My favorite episode is probably a tie between Good Guy Fluctuation and Agreement Dissection.


           Why hasn't Penny confronted Alex yet? A Priya visit is also overdue. A girlfight is still in order between the Fiery Jewel of Mumbai and the Nebraskan Cornhusker. Make it happen Lorre!!!

          The fact that Raj has stuck around all this time by himself while all of his friends get their own happy endings is probably the most overlooked admirable quality of the show

I look forward to the comments I shall post in the future, so until that time...... Live Long and Suck It





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