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Big Bang Theorist.


Although I ship the Shamy, the Lenny, Howardette and Raj/the lovely soul that decides he shouldn't die alone, my favorite part of the show is the friendships.


I know the show is really about Leonard chasing Penny, but the heart of the show for me is Leonard and Sheldon. Their Burt and Ernie bromance has had me hooked from day one.


Although now I am hooked on the ladies and their, to quote MR, their "Busted version of sex in the city."


My husband and I started watching from the beginning. We were in Costa Rica and there was nothing on television. To this day we begin watching by announcing in a deep spanish accent, "And now from Warner Channel... da big baang teory." Hubby used to find Penny more attractive than Amy, until he saw Amy in her star fleet uniform. He paused the screen. Which was when he realized she was me...lol. He can't stand Bernie because he thinks she screeches.


I've written some Shamy centric fanfiction over on fanfiction.net under this handle. It never starts out smutty, but I respond to the begging...


Nice to be here. I do like that there are different viewpoints here.




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Welcome. I also agree that the Sheldon/Leonard friendship and roommateship is integral to the show. I was about to put relationship instead of friendship but that would have implied that they were like Haroon and Tanvir.

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